Murder Mystery Evening with dinner

October 12, 2019 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Landulph Memorial Hall

It is 1938 and a cargo boat is wrecked on the Tamar. The Captain says that he believed he had been chased by a submarine, he thought possibly a U Boat, and that he had been left with no choice but to beach the ship. The boat was also carrying a small contingent of passengers who were rescued. Rumours of spies and intrigue abound. In this atmosphere of suspicion and double dealing, the passengers meet up for a dinner which they have arranged to thank their rescuers and, over the course of the evening some very unpleasant truths are revealed and a rather nasty murder occurs.

All the clues are there to lead to the right conclusion, but will they be correctly deduced? The investigator, with the help of the other guests at the Dinner must get to the truth before the night is out!

Guests will be seated at tables of 8 so get your own detective department together or make new friends on a shared table.

Hosted by the Moonstone Theatre Company.

Enter into the spirit of the evening by wearing period costume if you dare!

Starts at 7pm in Landulph Memorial Hall. Doors (and bar!) open at 6pm.

Not suitable for children.

The bar will be open throughout the performance. Please provide us with an dietary requirements information when booking tickets.

Advanced sales only for this event.

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