Weekend 1 – 1st to 3rd October
Friday 1st October Countrymen; Cornish Folk Rock Harmony Group from Launceston

Six seasoned musicians with tight four-part harmony vocals and a token Cornishman! With a relaxed and light-hearted presentation style, they take the audience on a journey through the history and culture of Cornwall, featuring their own arrangements of traditional and contemporary songs, as well as some original material. Interspersed with the occasional pop cover to lighten the mood when required, there is no mistaking that to a man, they love their county with a passion.

Check out a few taster clips here: first video, second video, third video.

“If you get the chance to see these guys in concert then take it, you will not be disappointed”
Harry Glasson

Saturday 2nd October Art Exhibition

Open for viewing between 2 and 5pm. Cream teas available between 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

Saturday 2nd October Andrey Lebedev & Bartosz Glowacki

Mentored by guitar giants Julian Bream and John Williams, we are excited to welcome Andrey Lebedev, classical guitarist, and Bartosz Glowacki, accordionist extraordinaire to the Landulph Festival.

The Australian-Russian Andrey Lebedev is on a mission to redefine the relationship of the guitar to the classical mainstream. You can listen to him play here.

Hailing from Poland, Bartosz has performed as a soloist in prestigious concert halls including the Wigmore Hall, the Royal Festival Hall, the Barbican, the Royal Albert Hall. You can listen to him play here.

 Andrey and Bartosz
Sunday 3rd October Martin Thomas; a talk ‘How the treatment of the German Kaiser by an English Surgeon led to the Great War’

Martin has visited the Landulph Festival previously (when he gave the popular talk about Shackleton’s journey). An expert in his field, he is also an engaging and interesting communicator of the subject no matter what your prior knowledge.

“Martin is a brilliant raconteur and teller of anecdotes.”

Weekend 2 – 8th & 9th October
Friday 8th October Twisted Tales vol. 2 from Owdyado Theatre

Deep in space the crew of the Fortuna are searching for extra-terrestrial life but the ship is malfunctioning, the crew are beginning to show signs of a strange infection and time is running out…

As acclaimed sci-fi author Edward R Matherson lays on his death bed, a bloody battle of wits is taking place in his kitchen over the secret of the universe…

Jamie’s life is in turnaround. He’s lost his job, he’s desperate for love and his only companion is a malfunctioning Alexa unit. She’s supposed to make his life easier. But the question is – who is serving whom?

Time, space, kidnapping, torture, the infinity of the universe, the quest for humanity, the desperate search for meaning, the last gasp of a dying star and copious amounts of tea, these themes and more are covered in ‘Owdyado’s hilariously dark Twisted Tales Vol. 2 – a brand new trio of comedy thrillers live on stage!

Saturday 9th October Art Exhibition

Open for viewing between 2 and 5pm. Cream teas available between 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

Saturday 9th October Johnny Cowling – an evening of comedy

Pirate FM home time show co-host, funny man Johnny Cowling has been delighting audiences for over 20 years. His Cornish charm and quick wit make him an obvious choice of entertainment for his vocal talent and humour.

Johnny is an entertainer who likes to get among the people during performance -with a wealth of tales and yarns to spin. Johnny has a natural warmth that makes him popular, to family audiences and adult audiences alike. His clear Cornish voice make every word (and song when singing) easy on the ear, yet still invigorating. Find out more here.

Adults only content.

Weekend 3 – 15th and 16th October
Friday 15th October An evening at Cafe Rene – comedy & dining

From the Moonstone Theatre Company, an interactive dining event.

‘Allo ‘Allo! Once again, Rene Artois is doing his very best to avoid being arrested, standing as he does between the occupying German forces and the efforts of the French Resistance to thwart them. Plots and counter-plots abound as you enjoy a sumptuous meal at Cafe Rene in the company of Rene, Edith his wife, Michelle from the Resistance, Herr Flick of the Gestapo, and, of course Crabtree, the hapless British Agent disguised as a Gendarme.

An occasion to come dressed to impress for the evening in your best French beret!

Saturday 16th October Art Exhibition

Open for viewing between 2 and 5pm. Cream teas available between 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

Saturday 16th October Nordet & Barrett’s Privateers, a Breton & Cornish Shanty Music evening

Friends of our own Gideon Barrett, Nordet are well known to aficionados of shanty music and have played at many British shanty festivals. Listen to a sneak preview here.

Joining them and hailing from the Cornish side of the beautiful Tamar Valley, Barrett’s Privateers are a group of friends who have been drawn together by their love of singing and a desire to maintain the tradition of singing in pubs. Offering a wonderful blend of male and female voices, and helmed by their captain, Gideon Barrett.

Weekend 4 – 23rd October
Saturday 23rd October Art Exhibition

Open for viewing between 2 and 5pm. Cream teas available between 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

Saturday 23rd October Anna Batson

Anna Batson is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter based in South East Cornwall. She mostly accompanies herself with Guitar and Piano, but also plays Bassoon, Saxophones, Flute, Australian Emu Caller, plugholes, door springs and whatever else needs to be included!

Her quirky debut album, ‘English Bathtub Sea’ was released in 2017 and she returns to Landulph Festival to take us on a journey of contemplation as well as a healthy dose of silliness and fun. A celebration of precious memories, human connections, friendships, family, home, open spaces, the ‘little things’, love, laughter and escapism.

Anna will perform original songs from the album, new creations as well as carefully chosen arrangements to thread throughout the evening. Look out for rubber ducks, shower caps and come and enjoy this chance to bathe yourselves in some great original music!

Weekend 5 – 30th October
Saturday 30th October Take a Chance on Us – an Abba Tribute for this Grand Finale Festival Evening

Time to get your dancing shoes on for this night of great pop music from Take a Chance on Us, an excellent ABBA tribute band. To get in the mood, have a listen to them here.

A great excuse to rummage in the wardrobe for those platforms and glamorous outfits! This evening will be an exuberant occasion to let down your hair, catch up and dance with your friends!