The Landulph Festival of Music and the Arts was founded in 2002 to promote Music and the Arts in East Cornwall. From a modest beginning the festival has expanded and now presents national and international artistes. The Festival aims to cover a wide range of music genres including classical, folk, jazz and rock, and as wide a range of performing and non-performing arts as possible.

The Landulph Festival of Music & the Arts is organised by The Landulph Festival Association, a non-profit making group which is run along strict charitable lines. Its articles and financial statements are available for public scrutiny

The festival was initially set-up as part of a wider programme to help raise funds for repairing the roof of the 12th century Landulph Parish Church with the inaugural festival held in 2002. Once the church roof restoration was completed the committee was disbanded, having completed its remit. As a result of subsequent encouragement from many local people it was decided to continue the Festival as a stand-alone event. Guided by very hard working and enthusiastic committee members, with help and support from many others, the Festival has evolved.

The festival continues to operate for the benefit of the local community making donations each year with any excess funds. Below is a summary of the organisations to whom donations have been made.

2022: Callington & Saltash Food bank, Landulph Under 5s, Landulph Newsletter, Landulph Memorial Hall, Cotehele / National Trust, Mount Kelly choir

2021: Livewire Saltash, Callington & Saltash Food banks, Saltash Childrens Appeal, Landulph Newsletter, Battling On

2020: Landulph School, Landulph Newsletter, Battling On, Landulph Church, Cargreen Yacht Club, Callington & Saltash Food banks

2019: Landulph Church Tower, Landulph Under 5s

2018: Plymouth Music Accord, Landulph Newsletter, Landulph Parish Church, Landulph School PTA, Landulph Under 5s, Battling On, Antarctic Heritage Trust

2017: Landulph Newsletter, Landulph Parish Church, Plymouth Music Accord, Landulph Methodist Church, Exeter University Archaeology

2016: Landulph Newsletter

2015: Landulph Parish Church, Methodist Church, Landulph Newsletter, Landulph Parish Council, Cancer Research UK, Batten Disease

2014: Landulph Newsletter, Methodist Church, Landulph Memorial Hall, Landulph Church & Rectory Room